Since 2015, we've been working on getting the word out about service design. And not just recycling what has already been written, but really diving deep into what it means to offer services and adapting that knowledge for a library environment. Below are the two books and various articles we have written.


Library Service Design: A LIta guide to holistic assessment, insight, and improvement

Our original book is a deep dive into service design, thinking about services, and best practices on implementing a service design approach in your library. Use this guide as a toolkit for implementing service design studies and projects at all types of libraries. It begins with directions for how to create a service design team and assembling a user working group for your library, and moves through the various phases in a service design journey.


Getting Started in Service Design: A How-To-Do-It Manual For Librarians 

Building on the theoretical foundation outlined in our Library Service Design book, this workbook takes a more hands-on approach with actual exercises to get librarians and library staff working with service design tools. This book is the perfect primer for anyone new to the methodology, as well as a useful reference to consult throughout a service design project.                                                    


Library Service Design Heuristics Cards

Heuristic analysis is the evaluation of an interface to determine its level of compliance with recognized usability principles.

The Library Service Design Heuristics cards empower librarians and staff to assess their services on their terms and not some cookie cutter method. Heuristic analysis is easy, affordable, and quick.


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