We love talking service and user experience. More than that, we love getting libraries involved. We offer a wide range of services that are tailored to fit your library and your patrons. Ours is a service design approach to understand your user’s experience. Service design is not just what we preach, it is how we approach our own work. We engage with you in a manner that best fits your working style. Understanding the user experience can’t be done with a cookie-cutter recipe. Every library is unique and its has unique needs. We tailor our services to best match your environment and the needs of your users.

We offer four types of services: Workshops, Online Classes, Service Assessments & Environmental Scans, and User Research. Read below and determine the best fit for your library.


Half-day, 1-day, or 2-day in-person or virtual workshops custom tailored to meet your needs and objectives. These workshops can be on the service design methodology, specific tool training, or leading and conducting heuristic analyses. We’ll work with you to understand your objectives and help sculpt a workshop that works best for you and your staff to get the desired outcomes.

Examples of available workshops:

  • Intro to Service Design - ‘Where do we start?’ is a common refrain. Research and assessment are things that should be part of the fabric of our everyday work lives, but we understand that not every library has the ability or capacity to do the needed research. We’re here to help. We'll review just what service design is and how it can benefit your library and library culture. We tailor this to your library and staffing levels so you can feel empowered to conduct your own user research. We’ll work with your staff to train them to conduct research so that when we leave, your team is off and running.
  • Heuristic Analysis - This workshop is geared towards understanding where a service stands. We use the Library Service Design Heuristics that we created specifically for the library environment. Heuristics are rules of thumb that can help determine how a service is meeting needs and expectations. 
  • Customer Journey Mapping / Service Blueprinting - Understanding patron behavior is essential to service design. There is no better way to understand  behaviors than through creating a Customer Journey Map (CJM). After completing the CJM, we'll work with your staff to create the Service Blueprint. Blueprints help clarify the steps required to perform a service.
  • Intro to Systems Thinking - In this workshop, we introduce just what it means to be a systems thinking and the systems thinking approach to doing work and working with others. This is a hands-on active session that gets participants out of their seats and engaged with the content. You'll leave with a new perspective on the interconnectedness of work and how to better work with others.
  • Storytelling & Co-Creation - Service design requires that we understand who our patrons are and they use library services. Service design requires that we understand who and how the patron uses are services. In this workshop, we focus on how to conduct focus and discussion groups so your team can get the most relevant information out of your participants. We also detail the finer points of service design that make it such a rich and useful assessment methodology.
  • Prototyping - In this workshop, we focus on how to create and implement prototypes. Prototyping is an essential part of the service design process. During prototyping, we can test for what works, gain feedback, and edit our solution. In this workshop, we focus on how to create and implement prototypes for web-based or in-person services.


Service design has been growing in popularity since our article was published in the webpages of Weave: Journal of Library User Experience. We offer online classes on the ALA and LibraryJuice platforms. Classes are held throughout the year. If you want to train your staff, contact us and we’ll work together to custom-fit a workshop for you. 

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Service assessment & Environmental Scan

Sometimes you just want a second pair of eyes to see what is going on. That's where we come in. Our years of experience as professional, practicing librarians, as well as our expertise in service design, put us in a qualified position to assess your services. We can come to your library and conduct an environmental scan, heuristic analysis, and assessment. We can also train and empower your staff to conduct these assessments routinely. The end product is a better understanding of your library in its current state and where you might want to focus your efforts in the future.


Sometimes your library's needs are greater than your resources. We're here to help. We can come in, conduct an environmental scan and service assessment, design a research project tailored to your library, and conduct the necessary research. Every library is unique and a cookie cutter approach benefits no one. We work with you and with your budget to help better understand your users and their needs, not to mention the needs of your service providers.


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